Who Is V.E. Irons And What Is Vitratox

Most people have never heard of V.E. Irons and V.E. Irons Incorporated story. Moreover, most people have never heard of the product Vitatox.

Since 1946, V.E. Irons Incorporated has provided people with a wealth of information and knowledge to help them better take control of their health with whole food supplements and products.

Who was V.E. Irons?

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V.E. Irons

V.E. Irons, or Victor Earl Irons, Sr. was a 1919 graduate of Yale. He was a nationally renowned nutritionist, health advocate, and the father of the modern day cleansing program.

Many of us believe  colon cleansing and internal cleansing is a “new thing,” but in reality, internal and colon cleansing has been around for a very long time.

In fact, if you’ve ever heard of the The Essene Gospel of Peace: Book One, you’ll find that they actually refer to and talk about fasting, colon cleansing, and cleaning our internal system.Amazon Image

V.E. Irons championed and pioneered the concept of health via nutrition, whole foods, and internal cleansing.

In fact their old tapes and documents discussing how V.E. Irons was actually arrested and discredited by the AMA for his beliefs.

V.E. Irons became interested in internal cleansing and his health around the age of 40. He wanted to prove that we did not need medical professionals or any of their medications. Whether you believe in modern medicine or not, is not relevant to this discussion, but simply that you have an open mind.

V.E. Irons married a woman of 27 at the age of 71!

People told him it would never work and it wouldn’t last. Imagine their surprise and their chagrin to learn that he fathered not one, not 2, but 3 children. Today those children are grown and still run the V.E. Irons Incorporated company out of Missouri.

Before going into the health food industry in 1946,V.E. Irons lectured and taught about nutrition and physical degeneration at various community groups, churches, and where ever people would have him.

He felt he wasn’t doing enough because his listeners had nowhere else to go and no ongoing support with the knowledge he was sharing. So, he decided to produce and distribute his own product line that could help people nutritionally.

So V.E. Irons Incorporated has been around and producing health products since 1946.

Why haven’t you heard of VIT-RA-TOX or V.E. Irons?

Why haven’t you heard of V.E. Irons?  Most people ask themselves when they 1st hear about Vitratox. They then wonder why can’t they get or find the products in the grocery stores.

Actually, you can. Vitratox products are sold under a different name in health food stores. Just ask for the “Sonne’” label.

You’ll find that most health food stores don’t carry many of the Vitratox products. Perhaps they don’t find them valuable or there’s not a big enough markup in it for them.

Don’t let this discourage you.  Get in touch with us here. We will get you the products you need and want.

If your local health food store doesn’t carry the Sonne‘ label and your only alternative is to purchase through a distributor, have no fear.

Because V.E. Irons rewards its distributors and its primary business model is to grow and spread their products through sharing, it relies on word-of-mouth and its community partners around the world to share the V.E. Irons story.

And that’s why you’re here today. Suffice it to say, this business model has worked exceptionally well, considering the company has been around since 1946.

Additionally, you’ve probably never heard of V.E. Irons or Vitratox because their products aren’t flashy or sensational. They don’t offer a solution in a pill and they don’t offer fly-by-night quick results.

The V.E. Irons company simply offers plain jane boring solutions that work.

There is no magic bullet and you are responsible for your own health and wellness.

If you educate and arm yourself with the right information, the V.E. Irons family believes you can be successful in achieving your health and wellness goals.

Are their products effective?

To answer the question, “are their products effective,” requires us to step back for a moment and reflect upon what our goal is. Many people find V.E. Irons, internal cleansing, and colon wellness for several reasons:

  • They’re interested in losing weight and they’ve heard that colon cleansing is good for weight loss
  • They’ve heard about how someone has cured an illness with colon cleansing
  • They have a physical challenge such as allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, or another chronic illness that they’re seeking answers to and heard colon cleansing would help
  • Or they’re just plain curious

Whatever your reason is for wanting to explore colon cleansing and finding about V.E. Irons, you’ve come to the right place. V.E. Irons does not and will not ever guarantee that they can cure or get rid of any physical ailment. Anyone in any company that does so should be vetted and put under a sharp microscope.

Wellness and health is a lifelong journey and should be explored in such a manner. Sometimes it takes years and years for some physical chronic illness or ailment to manifest.  likewise it will take time, energy, and a regimented strategy to resolve and alleviate that chronic illness. There will often be many roads to those solutions and you have to find what works for you.

What you can be assured of is that if you begin to take responsibility for your health by examining and modifying how you look at nutrition, internal cleansing, and how you care for your body, you can begin to address the issues bothering and concerning you right now.

As a company, V.E. Irons believes, and so do I that the line of Vitratox products can play an important role in that process. And it is for that reason that I created this website and have been using, promoting, and sharing the Vitratox  story with my family and friends since 1996.

I’ve never had a reason to try any other colon wellness products and I’ve never wanted anything else. It’s that simple and it is that effective.

I invite you to study and review as much of the information on this growing site as you can. Feel free to ask me any questions through our contact form or find me on Facebook. I’d love to chat with you.


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